Six makeup steps to look well rested

make up steps tips six easy everyday refreshingWhat you need is 2-3 touches and you will be ready.Read the following tips that will fade signs of fatigue.

  1. Apply a product highlighter under the eyes, crow’s feet, the cheekbones and the outer corner of the eye just below the eyebrows. Mind the highlighter to use, depending on the company comes before or after the base makeup to a minimum quantity to avoid excessive out the result.

  2. Replace the make up with a moisturizer with color. The result will be more natural and your skin will look more rested and youthful.

  3. Apply blush to the cheekbones very soft shades of coral or peach as many have swarthy skin and pink or beige as many have light skin.

  4. For eyeshadows choose earthy colors in shades that match your skin so the result looks as natural as possible.

  5. Apply a little mascara to accentuate the look. Avoid mascara that offers profound effect on the eyelids (and in volume and length) because you will achieve exactly the opposite, the eyes will look tired.

  6. Complete your natural makeup with a lipstick or lip gloss in shades of blush selected.



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